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Leader Machinery

Small Oil Pressing Machine - Leader Machinery

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Leader Machinery has been a professional manufacturer of advanced and efficient backlog expansion equipment in China and a leading manufacturer in this field. The team of experts who have worked in the industry for decades has not only done their best in the research of extrusion technology, but also strives to continuously explore in the food process so that customers can produce market-leading food. The company has a professional design and development team, as well as excellent processing capabilities and sales, technical training team, is a company specializing in the development and promotion of biomass energy utilization technology.
The company's products have obtained the EU CE certificate and ISO9001 certification. Covering an area of 5,000 square meters, it has sheet metal processing, machining, welding, electrical assembly, equipment debugging workshop. It is a microwave equipment company with early start and mature technology accumulation in China. It is also the large... [Details]